Nurturing a Sense of Adventure


Everyone has a sense of adventure. But for varied reasons, some are yet to discover how far they can push the envelope and discover how adventurous they can be. Venturing into the unknown is an adventure in itself. A break from the usual to do things that you would not normally do is a big step outside your comfort zone. And whatever part of your life you may decide to go a little farther, you are already stepping into unfamiliar territory. Adventures are filed with possibilities and offer a lot of room for growth and self-discovery. Here are some ways to create your own adventure and get more out of life.

Shake things up. It is easy to get lost in routines. What is familiar may be comfortable, but it can also be limiting. If you want to stretch your boundaries, you have to consciously shake things up from time to time. Disruption is one of the keys to keeping you on your toes and perhaps even leads you to exciting discoveries. Do something different, explore something new, and change your routine. These are some of the many ways to get more out of life.

Choose the more challenging path. Push yourself out of the comfort zone instead of waiting for circumstances to do it for you. Choose the hard path if that is what it takes to accomplish your objectives. The sooner you face the challenges that await you, the sooner you can gain the reward of the learning experience you can gain from them.

Forget excuses. There will always be reasons why things could not work out. But there are also plenty of reasons why it could. Stop overthinking options. Avoid dwelling on what could go wrong. You can never really know if you can or cannot do something unless you make the effort to try. Do not let your resolve be drowned by your fear of the unknown or by discouraging words from others. Stop coming up with excuses and devote your time instead to coming up with reasons why you should overcome the challenge.

Take everything as a once in a lifetime opportunity. What would you do if you are given only one chance to achieve a goal that really matter to you? You would probably do whatever it takes and keep pushing to reach it. Consider every day as your one shot at success, which can never be recovered once gone. If you create a sense of urgency and purpose in your daily life, you can choose to use your time as best as you can.