OEN’s Venture Northwest is the premier forum for early and growth stage investment opportunities in exciting companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. This conference will showcase venture-ready companies to visiting investors.

If your company is venture ready we invite you to apply. We’re looking for strong companies from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia who are seeking Series A or B funding.

Benefits of participating in OEN’s Venture Northwest 2011

So you’re a rock-star company and ready to secure that next round of funding? Apply to OEN’s Venture Northwest 2011 and vie for a chance to be one of the 10 lucky companies to be featured. Not only will your application be reviewed by a selection committee filled with investors, but if you are selected, you will be invited to present and demonstrate your solution at the conference, as well as attend the prestigious Intel/Perkins Coie Investor Reception on the eve of the main event.

OEN Venture Northwest is an outstanding networking opportunity for all entrepreneurs and investors. So whether you are chosen to present or not – we encourage you to register.  How often are you in a room with 100 + investors?  Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity.

How to Apply for OEN’s Venture Northwest 2011

Application deadline is Friday, September 2, at 5:00pm.
To apply for OEN’s Venture Northwest 2011, please review the pricing and application checklist below and then submit your application via Angelsoft for consideration by OEN’s Venture Northwest 2011 screening committee.

Company Application Requirements and Pricing

  1. All applicants must be current OEN members (Individual Membership minimum)
  2. Conference Registration – All companies that apply to participate are invited to attend the conference. There is a separate registration charge (see pricing options for applicants and selected companies)
  • Venture Northwest Application (Due September 2nd) – $195
    Includes: Application to be reviewed by selection committee, access to discounted conference registration (see Registration page for options for applicants and selected companies)
  • Company Registration for 10 Selected Companies – $300
    If selected, conference attendance price Includes: VNW Conference attendance for two people, Intel / Perkins Coie Investor Reception, presentation coaching session, conference display table, Resource Guide, and Printed Attendee list
  • Company Registration for other applicants – $195
    If not selected, conference attendance fee Includes: VNW Conference attendance for two people, Resource Guide, and Printed Attendee list

Apply now for OEN’s Venture Northwest 2011

OEN Venture Northwest Application Checklist

  1. Complete the application form via Angelsoft by Friday, September 2, 2011.
  2. Upload your 5-page executive summary via the online form.
  3. Upload a 10-slide (2 MB max) PowerPoint presentation via the online form.  (Not the final draft for the actual conference but rather additional information for the screening committee.)
  4. Submit application fee. (Payment must be received for the screening committee to review your application.)
  5. If you are not an OEN member, please sign up online at  or contact Julie Brown, OEN’s Director of Special Events and Investment Groups at 503-222-2270 x 11. (Current membership required for the screening committee to review your application.)
  6. If selected to present you will be expected to attend an event overview session and a presentation coaching session.  These sessions will be scheduled upon notification of selection.

Description of the Required VNW Application Elements

Please read carefully below the description of everything you need to submit to help make your Venture Northwest experience go smoothly.

Executive Summary

  • Executive summary may not exceed five (5) pages.
  • No attachments to your summary will be allowed.

Your summary should tell potential investors why your company will succeed. Investors want to know about your “unfair advantage.” You must have a cover page complete with name, address, phone and fax numbers, and contact person. (Note: Your cover page does not count toward the five-page limit for this document.) Your opening paragraph should contain a brief summary description of your business. In general, it is a good idea for your summary to mirror, as much as possible, the categories used by the selection committee. Those categories are:

  • Management Team: Executive team’s track record.
  • Product: Clear description of product or service, including versus competition.
  • Served Market: Description, size, and growth.
  • Sales/Marketing Strategy: Target market and how you will reach prospective customers.
  • Core Competency or Competitive Position: Your Company’s unfair advantage.
  • Scalability/Liquidity Opportunity: How investors will make money.
  • Financial: Financial plan and financing strategy.

In our experience, investors find the marketing strategy and management sections of particular importance: they will want to know how you are going to make money, and the track record of those who will make it happen. In your financing section, be sure to discuss how much money you are seeking to raise and roughly what you think your pre-money valuation will be.

PowerPoint Presentation

  • Presentation shall not exceed 10 (ten) slides /or 2 MB file size.
  • Should be a serviceable but not the final draft of the presentation the CEO would give to investors from the Venture Northwest stage.

Your draft presentation should adhere to the story you tell potential investors in your executive summary. Pay particular attention to the categories used by the selection committee listed above. Use only those graphics and charts that reinforce your summary’s claims or show market opportunities.